Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our contractors with Los Angeles Home Remodeling have deep experience across such a wide range of construction and renovation tasks, that they can handle your entire remodeling project from beginning to end. No job is too large or too small for our remodelers and contractors to take on and they can handle virtually any type of installation, renovation, or repair work that you need to be done. On the other hand, if you prefer to do certain portions of your project yourself but need them to do the rest, they can work with you on that too.

Contact us anytime during business hours by calling 424-369-4765, via our website contact form, or in-person at our office location at 1554 S. San Vicente Blvd. Suite 160-C, Los Angeles, CA 90048., and we can immediately schedule your upcoming project. The next available date will, of course, vary based on the season or the busyness level, but we will get you in as soon as possible. And if you are in need of a particularly urgent or emergency level repair or remodeling job, we will certainly work with you to make your project a priority.

Many of the remodeling projects we handle in the L.A. Area are completed same-day, maybe even within a matter of a few hours. Larger, more involved projects may take several days. Remodeling your entire home or business property could take weeks. But it all depends on the specifics of what needs to be done, whether or not special materials need to be ordered in, the busyness of the season, the weather (for outdoor remodeling and landscaping), and other factors. But the bottom line is that we at Los Angeles Home Remodeling have a large, mobile staff with diverse skills that can move on your project quickly and complete it in as little time as possible while still doing a first-rate job you will be 100% satisfied with.

Another commonly asked question is whether or note home residents will need to "evacuate" the premises and live in a hotel or with a relative while construction is underway. In most cases, this will not be necessary. It may be only one or two rooms in your house are involved in the renovations or that we can schedule tasks so as to keep bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms open to use for most of the project's duration. And we always clean up after each day and after each project and always keep your safety uppermost in our minds.

Yes. At L.A. Home Remodeling, we can give you a free, no-obligation estimate of total expenses upfront. It's possible, with older homes especially, that once we open up a wall or get into the work, some unforeseen problem could arise. But for the most part, we can predict the expenses very very closely based upon the materials needed and the type and extent of labor involved. In fact, we are very skilled at giving accurate estimates based on just the basic information of what you need done, and we have not had any problems or customer complaints in that regard.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we may be able to assist you with financing your upcoming project in a variety of possible ways. Direct financing may be possible, based upon a variety of factors, but we can also work with local banks or other financing groups to help you get approved for a loan. If you have home insurance and are undertaking a repair for which you can make a valid claim, we are confident your insurer will accept us for the job, which may increase your chances of getting approved by a bank even further.

Yes. Our remodeling company is 100% licensed for all relevant construction contractor tasks, is fully bonded, and carries liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance. You don't have to worry about taking on a liability risk when you hire us to work on and in your home. We always follow the strictest of safety standards, and as much as we strive to get the job done for you fast, we put safety and workmanship first.

We at Los Angeles Home Remodeling are staffed by an extremely well trained and experienced crew. We have not only formal training under our workbelt but many years of hand-on, practical experience as well. We have worked on all manner of buildings in the local L.A. Area, old and new, small and large, commercial and residential. We can handle every aspect of your remodeling project, from start to finish, from floor to ceiling, and from the cellar to the attic.

Yes, we can produce a blueprint of the relevant portion of your building. We have engineers on staff who are experienced "blueprint-ers" and have all the necessary skills, papers, and tools. We know how to measure and examine your building to transfer that information to an accurate blueprint, which may be important for your records and/or in securing a local permit. And if you already have existing blueprints but need a new one to show the changes to be made or a room addition to be added on, we can utilize the old blueprint in making the new one, which can speed up the process considerably.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we have long-time familiarity with L.A. County and local municipal building codes throughout Southern California. We know what the relevant regulations say and what government building inspectors will look for. We know how to make your renovations 100% safe and 100% compliant with fire codes and other local rules. And we can also handle the process of applying for a building permit, if necessary, for you. No one likes to spend a lot of time wading through unfamiliar regulations and trying to figure out the inner workings of city hall. At L.A. Home Remodeling, we take that burden off your shoulders and make sure your project if legal from beginning to end.

There is no doubt that using up to date, reliable tools and equipment, and using tried and true high-quality materials make as much a difference in any home remodeling project as a good plan and experienced workers. At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we understand that. And over the years, we have come to know exactly which tools and materials work best for each type of job we encounter. Of course, we select for you a grade of material that fits your budget as well, but at every level, we know which are the highest-quality picks and what are the absolute essentials to achieving a quality end-result.

Making home improvements carries with it several important benefits that make it all worthwhile. First of all, you and your family get the immediate satisfaction of enjoying improved aesthetics, better amenities and functionality, and more usable indoor or outdoor space. In short, you get to enjoy your own home more while you live there. But the reality these days is that people move in and out of homes rather frequently, and even if you don't, you may wish to sell your current home come retirement time at the least. That's why the resale value added to your house by home remodeling is important: and a relatively high percentage of the expense you put into home upgrades are usually recoverable when you go to resell.

Yes. Even though our name is Los Angeles "Home" Remodeling, that doesn't mean we don't take on remodeling or construction projects on local L.A. commercial properties as well. We understand that business property needs to be at a high level of performance and "curb appeal" in order to impress and attract customers, or even just to make employees feel more comfortable as they work. We also understand the heightened regulations that may apply to business property and will be able to handle the full project as to permits/building code rules as well as to making the actual upgrades.

In our experience, kitchens and bathrooms are the most frequently remodeled rooms of the home. And the statistics and experience of others in the industry back that up. The kitchen being the "heart of the home" and often the most frequented room make it always a priority. And bathrooms are obviously very essential and often upgraded in order to make them more comfortable and lower maintenance.

Renovating your kitchen and "bringing it up to date" can involve a host of specific updates. Some of the most common are: new flooring (quality tile or luxury vinyl planks that mimic wood), stylish overhead lighting fixtures that use LED to save on power, modern maximally convenient kitchen appliances, a spacious well designed walk-in pantry, slide-out drawers with clever, space-saving dish-holding racks, new wood cabinetry, an island or serving bar, stainless steel sinks with brush-finished modern-looking faucets, a new high-powered garbage disposal unit, and much more. If you need a wall knocked out to open up more space in your kitchen or need any structural changes, we can handle that as well. We have our pulse on the most modern kitchen design trends, and we can share with you all the options and what others have done with their kitchens in order to give you additional ideas.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we know how to upgrade your bathroom in full to achieve a modern look. Or, we can upgrade only select features and implement any aesthetic theme you desire. Elements to consider adding include: new tile or vinyl plank flooring, a new or refinished tub, a walk-in shower stall, new tiling for your sink backsplash, a modern basin-style sink, a wall-mounted toilet, natural stone countertops, a jacuzzi, heated flooring, improved ventilation, and much more.  We can help you transform your bathroom into a place you can relax and retreat to, or if you need a new bathroom or half-bath added on, we can accommodate you there as well.

Oftentimes, college kids come home for the summer or after graduation, and you want to provide a new room for them to live in. Or, it may be an elderly parent who needs in-home care from relatives will be moving in with you and needs his/her own room. Or, your family may simply be growing, and you need your house to grow with it rather than moving. At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can make the room addition process as smooth and as fast as possible. We can draw up the blueprints, get the permits, give our advice on how to fit the addition in with your existing building, and keep the job site clean. We can keep the new opening sealed off until the new room is properly enclosed and insulated to save on your energy bill. And we will work so as to minimize any disruption to your daily routine.

Yes. We can install a new wood deck or stone patio on your lot in a safe, efficient manner. We also can adjust or repair an existing deck/patio or add stairs, railings, a fire pit, or other upgrades as you desire. A new deck or patio will greatly add to your usable outdoor space, increase the value of your home, and facilitate family barbecues, entertainment of relatives and friends, and just relaxation time out in the fresh air.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can cover or enclose your patio in a number of ways. Solid wood patio covers would attach to your fascia board and be held up by wood posts, to offer full shade/rain protection. Pergolas are very stylish and popular, offering partial rain cover and shade and allowing more sunlight to get through. Glass patio covers give you full protection and full sun, though they can also be tinted and equipped with UV-blocking films. Sunrooms, screened-in patios, gazebos, and more are also within our field of expertise.

Yes, we can paint your entire home inside or out, and we can even paint large buildings, including commercial buildings. We are experienced painters and will help you select a great brand/grade of paint, and we will come with both the tools and expertise necessary to work efficiently and get top-quality results. We know how to avoid drips and runs and how to apply an even coat throughout your house. We are adept at avoiding getting paint anywhere it does not belong and at applying it perfectly where it does.

Los Angeles Home Remodeling has deep experience at improving the energy efficiency rating of both residential and commercial buildings. It may be you need new or better insulation, improved ventilation systems, a radiant heat barrier in your attic, new more energy efficient windows and doors, awnings, heat-reducing window films, or simply an upgraded HVAC system. We will know how to assess your current energy usage and recommend ways of reducing it.

Some remodeling operations might shy away from plumbing and/or electrical work, but not us. We at Los Angeles Home Remodeling have across the board experience in practically every area of home renovation. We understand how these two areas in particular are often shied away from by many homeowners who are quick to handle other projects the DIY way, and we assure you you will get the safest, highest quality work on your plumbing and electrical projects when you entrust them to us.

Indeed, we can! We have installed numerous outdoor kitchens and barbecuing areas in the past, and we are up to date on all the latest styles, equipment, and design principles involved. If you find yourself doing a lot of outdoor barbecuing on a large scale or if you are always bringing food cooked inside outside to eat, why not make an upgrade you will love and frequently use? We know how to make outdoor kitchens and barbecues durable, practical, and beautiful. And we can give you expert advice on location, design, and materials as well.

Yes, we at Los Angeles Home Remodeling can remodel your lot as surely as we can remodel your home's interior spaces. Improving your backyard greenery, adding attractive gravel, creek pebbles, retaining walls, or mulch, installing hardscapes and wood landscaping structures, and more can transform your lot. We know how to make your back or front yard more attractive and more useful and how to do it in an environmentally friendly way.

We at Los Angeles Home Remodeling understand the need to keep things in budget as well as to complete projects in a conscientious yet timely manner. We offer very competitive pricing on all of our service areas, and we can often help you find financing or plan out a more affordable, stage-by-stage approach. We also can save you money by boosting your home's energy efficiency and by helping you qualify for government incentive programs. By planting drought-resistant plants or following LEED recommendations, you may be able to get further incentives. At L.A. Home Remodeling, we can give you experienced advice on where you can save on materials and where it's more crucial to go with a higher-grade brand/product. We can also help you find simple design options that will save you money if taken without detrimentally affecting your vision. In short, we can help you map out the best balance between quality, preference, and affordability.



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