Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

Thinking of investing in an outdoor kitchen and/or barbecue station? They are becoming more and more popular every year, and given the way they transform the experience of outdoor cooking, grilling, and entertaining, it's no wonder.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can help you through the entire process of installing your new outdoor kitchen or barbecue, step by step. From design to prep work to construction to installation of appliances to putting on the finishing touches, we can do it all.

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Why Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen/Barbecue?

In days gone by, very few were investing in full-scale, up to date outdoor kitchens and barbecuing stations, and few could afford to do so. But today, they are more common than ever and growing in popularity with every passing year.

Why are so many homeowners choosing to put in an outdoor cooking station? Here are some of the main motivations:

  • The joy of cooking outdoors. Many of us are drawn to outdoor cooking by an intrinsic passion. We are natural "grill masters" at heart, and an outdoor area dedicated to cooking and grilling activities would be a dream come true.
  • Entertaining guests. When you throw a lot of parties and frequently invite over family, friends, and neighbors, you want a comfortable outdoor area where they can relax, eat, and be entertained. Outdoor kitchens and barbecues are the perfect solution. And if entertaining is in connection with business clients, then delivering a prime experience may be even more important to you.
  • Getting more "fresh air." Spending more time outside in your own backyard can get you fresh air, sunlight, and a chance to enjoy the view, listen to the birds sing, and "smell the roses." The more inviting you make your outdoor spaces, the more time you and your family are likely to spend outdoors.
  • Adding value to your home. Installing an outdoor kitchen and barbecue can add significant value to your home. If you later resell, you can likely recoup a large portion of your initial investment, and an outdoor cooking/entertaining zone can easily help a listed home sell faster too.

Navigating the Planning and Design Phase

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can assist you in planning out every aspect of your upcoming outdoor kitchen/barbecue area. We can guide you through your options as to materials, structures, arrangements, appliances, location, and other important factors, lending you the benefit of our experience and insight.

We will listen to your vision, your ideas, your goals, and then, we can offer any suggestions that can help you move from having an outdoor kitchen in your head to having one in your backyard.

Here are a few of the most important factors to consider when making plans to build your outdoor kitchen/barbecue:

  • Finding the best location. You need to consider things like quick access to the indoor kitchen, a grill position conducive to keeping grill-smoke drifting away from your dining area, and a spot that gives you both an acceptable degree of privacy and a good view of your surroundings.
  • Deciding on the size, shape, materials, appliances, style, and other basic facts about your future kitchen/barbecue. This will determine how many people can be entertained at one, how fast you can cook/grill large meals, and how much you will have to invest.
  • Subdivide your outdoor kitchen into distinct "zones," each one serving a specific purpose. You may want such "compartments" as a cooking zone, grill zone, dining area, clean up area, lounging zone, and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.
  • Consider maintenance. You need to pre-think how you will care for your outdoor kitchen/barbecue. And you should select materials and appliances built to last out of doors and that will make maintenance as low-intensity as possible. Cleaning the oven/grill, maintaining bars, seating, and countertops, and draining dish water out of the way, are all important here.

What Elements Can I Include in My New Outdoor Kitchen/Barbecue?

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can tackle your upcoming outdoor kitchen/barbecue project from beginning to end, and complete all features and elements of the project. Here is a list of some of the most common elements people include in their outdoor kitchens, to give you an idea of what you may want to include in yours:

  • A built-in or freestanding high-quality grill. We can construct an attractive housing for your new grill(s), and run out the necessary gas/electric lines (keeping things 100% safe.) Perhaps, you will want a natural stone, brick, or stucco veneer? We can do it. Or maybe you want to customize your grill versus going with a preassembled model? We can assist you with that too. And you may also want to consider adding in “extras” like grill-station storage drawers, warming drawers, side burners, searing stations, hooks for your grill tools, or an overhead shelter to reduce the impact of weather. L.A. Home Remodeling can build you a grill station that fully meets your needs.
  • Additional appliances to complement/complete your grill. Besides the grill itself, you may want to install deep-fat fryers, an Italian-style pizza oven, a beverage dispenser, an ice machine, a refrigerator/freezer, and more. And if you want to build-in your fridge or attach it under-counter, or house any of the other appliances, we can do the necessary carpentry and masonry work.
  • Outdoor-grade counter tops. One of the key components of many outdoor kitchens is their counter space. Granite, slate, soapstone, ceramic, and stainless steel are all popular and durable outdoors. Your counter will give you space to arrange your dishes, prep food, and just-finished grill items, plus add “style and finish” to the overall look. The counters can be installed on top of cabinet structures of brick, stone, concrete blocks, steel, or other materials. We can help you select weather resistant materials and seal everything up tight to keep the bugs out.
  • A stainless steel sink. Stainless steel is virtually required for outdoor sinks to prevent rust. We can install a single or double sink and build it into your counter-and-cabinetry structure. Also consider opting for a high-efficiency faucet on your outdoor kitchen sink. We can provide your outdoor sink with hot water if you desire, and we will ensure your sink drains so as to carry waste water away from your dining area and dispose of it.
  • Attractive (and functional) cabinetry. Both under-counter and overhead cabinets are often installed in outdoor kitchens. After all, you want all your pans, dishes, and other utensils near at hand. No one wants to have to run in and out for everything. Consider shielding your cabinets from the weather with a pergola, overhead decking, or a pergola. And note that stainless steel, teak wood, and marine grade polymer are top choices as to outdoor durability.
  • Islands and bars. Seating is, of course, an essential; but beyond a table and chairs, you may want to install a breakfast bar or an island. Outdoor islands can have many other conveniences built into them, such as ice makers and beverage coolers, and you can use space behind a bar for extra storage space.
  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. It is not uncommon for an outdoor kitchen/barbecue area to include a “professional-looking” stone fire pit, perhaps, with a rotisserie. And an outdoor fireplace with natural stone or brick surrounds can be a focal point in the dining or lounge area. Seating around the fire pit and near the fireplace will allow guests to huddle and gather warmth.
  • High-quality flooring. You don’t want your guests standing on the grass or in the dirt or mud. You may already have the “floor” in place: a patio or deck. But, you may need to install or extend patio pavers or decking. Or, you may wish to install a stone, brick, or concrete floor under your outdoor kitchen.
  • Light fixtures. As much of your outdoor entertaining and cooking may be done in the evenings, it is essential to install well positioned, attractive, and energy efficient lighting. Light the cooking and prep areas, dining zone, and more to keep things safe and enjoyable. You’ll want to use outdoor rated fixtures, and we’ll need to install the wiring (and outlets). You may also want motion sensor lights, dimmers, flood lights, and ceiling fans with lights.
  • Privacy and protection. Finally, you may want us to install a privacy fence, a stone wall, or a trellis to increase privacy and create shade. And to protect guests from the weather, we can install patio covers, pergolas, a roof-attached overhang, a retractable awning, or other effective rain/wind/sun protections.

Some “Types” of Outdoor Kitchens and Barbecues to Consider

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, besides building or installing the various elements of your outdoor kitchen or barbecue, we can also give you some ideas on what “kind” of outdoor kitchen to build. You may already have that vision well nailed down, but here are some kitchen ideas based on what many of our past clients have done that may give you some inspiration:

  1. “Family Style.” Your outdoor kitchen/barbecue may be located just out the back door or further off to give it a more separate status. Either way, you may wish to provide plentiful seating around a central table and then keep the grilling/cooking area a good distance from the eating and entertainment zone. A patio or deck will be under your feet and a full-cover overhang will protect you from the weather.
  2. “Garden Dining.” This outdoor kitchen area will be small and cozy, with greenery and hardscapes alike defining its boundaries. The garden will be not far off, making it easy to grab fresh vegetables (when in season) for your culinary creations. A quaint wood picnic table and thatched-back chairs with a pergola overhead will serve as the dining area, and the cooking zone will be as close as possible without causing any problems with smoke drift.
  3. “Pool Party Kitchen.” Another possibility is to locate your outdoor kitchen and barbecue within eyeshot of your inground pool. Eating areas will be by the pool, but a near-house retreat with an outdoor fireplace to huddle around will be very convenient if it suddenly starts to rain or for a post-swim relaxation time.
  4. “Rustic Saloon.” A backyard bar is a part of many outdoor kitchen and barbecues. It may be the bar structure is built of rugged natural stones, made of bamboo, or faced with cedar. A fire pit to gather around could be nearby the bar and the grills station. A sheltered outdoor TV to play your favorite sports stations is another possible element.
  5. “Game and Grill.” For teenage parties especially, perhaps, you might build a semi-enclosed and sheltered outdoor kitchen, grill, and game room. Properly protected (but with quick access to the yard) pool tables, table tennis, and (at a safe distance) basketball free-throw hoop could be included, besides a booth-style mini-diner and the cooking area itself.

Obviously, these are only 5 out of near-endless possibilities, and you will want to design your own unique arrangement. But the point is that Los Angeles Home Remodeling has the expertise to create an outdoor kitchen/barbecue for you that goes well beyond the bare essentials and that answer to the unique ambiance you want to create and the particular uses you have in mind.

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