Painting and Large Building Painting

Painting your home's interior or exterior, or even just one room, can be a tedious chore and one that requires finesse and experience for optimal end-results. And when you are in need of exterior home painting or painting for commercial buildings and large-sized structures of all types, hiring a professional painter becomes an even more attractive idea.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can handle any and all painting projects from start to finish. We have the skilled, experienced staff, the top of the line painting equipment, and the dedication to excellence it takes to achieve a stunning result that you will be 100% satisfied with.

To learn more about our painting and large building painting services or for a free, no-obligation estimate on your project's costs, call us today at 424-369-4765. And also check out our Yelp and other online reviews to hear from our past clients on the high quality of our work!

Why Opt for Professional Painting Services from Los Angeles Home Remodeling?

When your old paint is beginning to fade, chip, crack, or develop stains; or when you are remodeling and want a change of color in one or more rooms; a fresh coat or paint is essential to making your home or business look its very best.

New paint can brighten up a formerly "drab" room and make your building's exterior shine (adding "curb appeal.) And new paint adds value to your home/business that can up the obtainable resale price and help speed along the sale.

But aside from the benefits of painting in general, what are the benefits of hiring a professional painting crew to complete your paint job?

First of all, painting is a very time-consuming, tedious, and "touchy" task. You have to know how to wield the paint brush or roller just right, making the right motions with the right pressure and at the right time (before adjacent paint dries) when applying paint to a wall. It can take a lot of time to develop a skill for painting so as to maximally beautify the painted surface. And it can be difficult to avoid runs, drips, and unevenly painted areas without considerable painting experience under your belt.

Second, when it comes to intricate moldings, corners and inside corners, window trim, and other detail work, the tools and know-how of professional painters can achieve dramatically improved results, and without letting the project be slowed down significantly to do it.

Third, there may be safety reasons for hiring a professional as well. For example, if you need to paint high ceilings or upper story exterior portions of your home/business, use of tall, heavy duty ladders and/or staging may be necessary. Not only you may not own or wish to purchase/rent the needful equipment, but many are not comfortable with heights.

Fourth, it can take a good deal of time to complete a large painting job DIY. But a professional painting company will be able to finish it faster, saving you valuable time. That allows you to focus on other things in the mean time and speed along such things as moving into a new home, selling your home, or reopening your business after closing temporarily for renovation work.

Fifth, a well done professional paint job is well worth the cost you invest in it. It will boost the resale value of your home, present an attractive environment to business customers, and make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your building.

Painting Residential Buildings and Rooms

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can paint your home's interior and/or exterior, all rooms inclusive, plus any detached structures like garages, sheds, or fences.

Home Exterior Painting

If you need a new paint job for your home's exterior, don't hesitate to call us. We have the experience, equipment, and high work ethic it takes to make your home look its very best. Whether we are painting wood, aluminum siding, cedar, vinyl, composite, stucco, or another material, we have the expertise to achieve excellence. 

We can efficiently paint your entire building exterior at all elevations in a professional, systematic manner. We are not daunted by chimneys and high gables or 2nd and 3rd stories. 

Our crew will protect your property during the painting process by covering all plants, shrubs, decking, patio surfaces, or other objects that shouldn't have paint on them. We will then prep walls before applying paint by removing any mold/mildew, caulking any holes/cracks and around windows/doors/vents as necessary, and (if desired) by power washing the exterior surface.

We can also help you in choosing just the right exterior paint color and in deciding on what color trim should be (same or different than main wall color). And we can recommend to you high quality paint that will stand up against the wind, rain, and weather for years longer than other brands/types.

Home Interior Painting

We can paint every room of your home's interior or just one or two, as desired. That includes kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, living/dining rooms, basements, (finished) attics, entry areas, doors/window trim, ceilings, base boards, trim, and every other room and part of your home living space.

We can often finish your whole home paint job in one or two days, depending on the size of the project, and we can prep the whole house or just part of it at a time for painting (whichever is more convenient to you.)

If you need help/advice in paint selection or color selection, we can provide that as well. You may want a monochromatic color scheme (one color, different shades/hues), analogous color pairings (like white, grey, and black), or a complementary approach (as blue with orange or purple with yellow) for a more "vibrant" look. Or, you may want to go with solid colors or a plain or off white, possibly varying colors from room to room. We have deep experience in the visual effects that different colors and color patterns can have, and can give you sound advice on the matter.

We will begin by surveying your home's interior, factoring in your paint selection to give you a free quote, and then by scheduling your project as soon as possible on a date that is convenient to you. Next, we will begin by moving/covering any furniture that needs it, taking down curtains/blinds, laying down paint tarps, and prepping the walls and ceilings. We may need to remove wall paper, patch small holes/cracks, repair drywall, kill any mold/mildew, or pre-apply an extra-thick stain-hiding paint in some areas.

We will work quickly but conscientiously, and will put true workmanship into every detail. We can apply as many coats of paint as your interior needs and as you instruct us to. We know how to make your home look beautiful and how to save you time and money at the same time when we do your interior home painting project.

Other Residential Painting

Los Angeles Home Remodeling can also paint or stain your outdoor decking, fencing, and detached structures. By applying high-grade, weather resistant paint, you prevent your wood fence or deck from absorbing excessive amounts of moisture, which would otherwise risk rot, mold, mildew, and general deterioration.

And inside the house, we can re-paint and re-finish your kitchen cabinets. Given the value of cabinetry and the huge effect it has on the look of your kitchen, this is a special task that needs special care. We can paint your cabinets with a spray or brush-and-roller method, and we can remove them off-site temporarily to do the job or complete them in-place, whichever method makes more sense and whichever you request.

Painting Commercial Buildings and Other Large Buildings

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we handle not only residential but also commercial and large building painting projects. We have the training and the necessary equipment and tools to efficiently tackle any commercial painting job.

Whether your need is interior or exterior, for office buildings, garages, malls, mini malls, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, or any other type of commercial building, we can handle it, even if the size of your building is exceptionally large.

Commercial Building Painting

When it's a business building that needs to be painted, it becomes even more crucial that the paint be evenly and attractively applied, for customers will be seeing it. You want to give every customer the best possible impression when they enter your office, mall, store, or other commercial building type. We can help you do that by providing an exceptionally well done coat of new paint.

Many of the same procedures will be followed for commercial painting as for residential painting, but there is a difference as to the crucial nature of time. We work efficiently on residential projects too, but with commercial painting projects, we understand that you can't afford to drag out any business down time since every day you are closed for remodeling is a day that customers don't walk in (depending on the business type.) Thus, we are especially keen to ensure a smooth, quick but still high-quality paint job when it comes to commercial painting.

Another difference with many commercial building interiors is the prevalence of tall ceilings and large wall spaces to be painted. Many commercial projects are larger on the inside as well as on the out, and this requires more paint, more specialized equipment, and (sometimes) a larger paint crew. We at Los Angeles Home Remodeling are accustomed to and fully equipped for all such challenges of commercial painting projects of all types.

Large Building Painting

Some painting companies might balk at the prospect of taking on a large commercial building, but L.A. Home Remodeling has been routinely handling these kinds of projects for years, and we can get exceptional results for your large building painting project as well.

The sheer size of large buildings like offices, high-rises, condominiums, and large apartment complexes, is the first challenge. We have the crew and equipment, however, to complete even such large painting projects in a minimal amount of time. 

The second major challenge with painting large buildings is that many of them are tall buildings as well. Any paint contractor can run along ground level, or nearly ground level, across numerous first-story exterior walls. But we at L.A. Home Remodeling can efficiently take it to the upper stories. We have the ladders, staging, lifts, and other equipment at our disposal that will speed along upper story painting in a manner that still puts safety first.

Additionally, exterior large building painting requires tougher brushes, long-handled rollers, and a high level of organization so that workers don't needlessly run up and down tall ladders, but finish each area before descent whenever possible. We have the experience to organize and plan out the entirely of even the largest projects so as to minimize time and labor requirements. And we also know how to conserve paint, reducing waste and saving you money, without compromising the finished look you will see on the building or the paint job's durability.

Legal and Safety Experts

In every painting job, both residential and commercial, legal and safety issues are very important. But with large commercial buildings, these issues (if anything) take on even greater importance. We understand that, and we can assure you that our company is 100% licensed, bonded, and insured. You are not taking on undue risk when you hire Los Angeles Home Remodeling. We know how to minimize all risks and to cover ourselves legally and insurance-wise, so it's never an issue.

We are familiar with all government regulations involved in high-rise, large building, and commercial painting contracting, and we always follow the law down to the nitty-gritty details.

We also understand the special risks and challenges of many commercial painting jobs, and we know how to work safely even in the most challenging situations. We look out for our own safety, yours, and that of your employees and customers every single day we are on the job.

Our Commitment to You, Our Valued Customer

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we always put the customer first and make his/her needs and preferences our highest priority. We are as keen to honor our commitment to a high level of customer service as to quality workmanship in the painting task itself.

When painting your home or business, here is a list of commitments we make to you, our valued customer:

  • We will work with you to assist in selecting the best quality paints and of the exact color/tone/shade you desire, for each room or for your building's exterior. 
  • We will give you a detailed, accurate estimate based on the area to be painted, the time the task will take to complete, and the paint and other materials to be used. We will inform you of all costs upfront and not surprise you with hidden fees at the last minute.
  • We will take appropriate measures to protect your property as we paint. That means covering what needs to be covered, and moving what needs to be moved.
  • We will coordinate with you as to scheduling and order of painting so as to allow you to continue to live in your home, if desired, during the paint project, or to keep your business up and running during as much of it as possible.
  • We always lay down paint evenly and in the ideal thickness to obtain an aesthetically pleasing and durable result. We take time to paint trim, doors, base boards, and other items that require more than just ordinary rolling, brushing, or spraying.
  • We keep our work site clean, organized, and clutter free to promote safety and speed the completion date.
  • We show up to work consistently at reasonable hours and work diligently in order to finish the job in as little time as possible without compromising on quality.
  • We offer you competitive, affordable rates, and do our best to help you with financing or help you get approved with a bank for financing.
  • We give you a valuable limited warranty to back up our work and to show you we have full confidence you will be fully satisfied with our workmanship.

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