General Remodeling

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we have numerous specialized skills that help us to tackle any remodeling project. Our expertise and our services cover the full spectrum of construction/renovation tasks and cover every room of your house, from the basement to attic.

In fact, we also do outdoor work and landscaping, so that our staff is capable of transforming your entire building and lot into something you will love to live in and that will boost your property's resale value as well.

Our Commitment to Each and Every Customer

Our vision at Los Angeles Home Remodeling is to leave each and every customer we serve 100% satisfied, and in fact, our online (and offline) reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

We put ourselves into your shoes and treat you like you would like to be treated, were our roles reversed. And how do we express this commitment? Here are some of the ways:

  • We take the time to listen to and catch your vision for what you want your renovated spaces to look like when finished.
  • We also offer you our experienced advice to help you make a wise, informed decision on how to proceed and meet your goals.
  • Our customer service is quick to respond to not only your initial call but also any and all questions, concerns, or changes of plans you may have along the way.
  • Our workers are careful to clean up the job site (your home) after each day's work and at job's end. And we do our best to minimize any disruptions the renovation work may cause to your daily routine.
  • We always work efficiently, using top-quality tools and materials, and put our utmost workmanship into every job. The warranties we offer on our finished work demonstrate the confidence we have that you will love the final product.

Our Litany of Construction Skill Sets

While it would be impossible to list comprehensively all of the various skills required to complete our remodeling projects, here are some of the most obvious and common among them:

  • Carpentry: Our is full of master carpenters, who could literally frame and build an entire house if necessary. From the rafters to the baseboard, we can handle it all. And while carpentry skills are constantly used in every remodeling job, they are especially in the fore during room additions, wall additions, and repair of structural damage caused by fire, flood, or stormy weather.
  • Windows and Doors: We routinely remove old windows and doors and replace them with newer, more energy efficient brands/models. And we can also repair windows/doors, replace window panes, install screens, add UV filtering films, add more insulation around existing windows/doors, and resize current openings as needed.
  • Flooring: Whether natural hardwood, vinyl, natural stone tiles, carpeting, or “something else,” we can install new flooring in any room in your home. We will make your flooring evenly, attractively, and durably laid. And we can even install an electric-coil heated floor that will keep your feet warm when you wake up some cold winter morning.
  • Drywall (rock sheet): Anyone can throw up a piece of drywall, but we have the experience it takes to make your new walls look beautiful. We know how to tape, mud, and sand each piece to perfection, fully preparing it for the paint or wallpaper. And drywall repair is also within our range of expertise (we can make it look like it was never damaged!)
  • Painting: We offer both interior and exterior painting services. You don’t have to hire a separate contractor to do the painting after we have finished the rest of the renovating: we can do the painting too, simplifying your plans and speeding them to fruition. From a single room to full-house or full-exterior paint jobs, we do it all.
  • Trim work: It takes a special touch to edge a room with stylish trim, whether with baseboards or along the ceiling and to make it look just right. We make precise cuts and know how to hide the nails/staples. We make every angle piece match with precision.
  • Electrical work: Safety is always first, but especially with electrical work. We are licensed, trained, and informed by long experience in this area. Our staff can install new wiring, find and eliminate shorts, put in new outlets, install lighting fixtures, and complete all other electrical aspects of your renovation job.
  • Plumbing: At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we are also adept at plumbing work. From pipe repair/replacement to fixing an annoying and water-wasting leak, to installing toilets, shower heads, kitchen faucets, dishwashers, and any other water-using appliances, we can handle the plumbing end of the job just like the rest.
  • Roofing: When roofing tasks are involved in the job, that’s no problem for L.A. Home Remodeling. From repairs to tear offs to new shingles or a metal-panel roof, we have the know-how and we know how to safely work in high places.
  • Masonry: Los Angeles Home Remodeling also has the ability to complete masonry aspects of home remodeling projects. You may need concrete cracks in your foundation fixed, a retaining wall put in, or some brickwork done. You don’t need to find another contractor for that part of the job either.

We Can Remodel Your Home from Attic to Basement

Another way to look at the scope of our construction and renovation skills at Los Angeles Home Remodeling is to list our services on a room-by-room basis, from top to bottom (or should we say “from the attic to basement?”)

Here are some of the most common rooms of the house and outdoor areas that we remodel for our clients:

  • The Attic: You may not think a lot about your attic, but it’s a very important part of your house. By better insulating and ventilating it, you can greatly boost your home’s energy efficiency level. And by installing stairs and a door, and finishing it, you can add a new bedroom or other room to your house.
  • Bedrooms: Whether the master bedroom or any other bedroom, we can upgrade it or make the necessary repairs. maybe you want to add a walk-in closet, repaint, install more outlets, install new carpeting, or put in a ceiling fan. We can do it all.
  • The Home Office: When you work at home, occasionally work at home, or just need a suitable place to do your home financing and other paperwork, a home office is ideal. We can convert an existing part of your home into a home office, upgrade the one you have, or add on a new room or a detached room where you can work in peace productively.
  • Your Kitchen: No room is more important to the happiness of a home than is the kitchen. This is the social center of the house as much as it is the culinary center, and there are many aspects to creating a truly cozy, attractive, and fully functional kitchen. From the cabinetry to the appliances to the flooring, ceiling, lighting, pantry, or dozens of other aspects, we can finish it all and fit it all together into a harmonious, stylish whole.
  • Bathrooms: Bathroom upgrades are one of the most common types of remodeling jobs we see, and we have immense experience at every feature and fixture in a modern bathroom. From natural stone countertops and backsplashes to a new toilet or tub, to vinyl plank flooring, we can make your bathroom a place you can truly relax in.
  • Dining/Living Rooms: At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we understand home important your dining and living rooms are for family time and for entertaining guests. We can help you transform them into something truly special. Maybe you want to install a new gas fireplace, put heated floors in, or add new windows to bring in more light? Talk to us and we will help you achieve all of your goals for these rooms.
  • The Garage: The garage is sometimes a neglected part of your house, even when it’s an attached garage. But if you decide to finish it, add a spare bedroom or a bar, or turn it into a showroom or entertainment zone, we can assist you with a garage conversion or upgrade.
  • The Basement: The basement is another room of the house that is often little used until the decision is made to utilize the space as a bedroom, entertainment center, or home office. We can finish out the room(s) and add in a new stairway, if necessary, as well.
  • Additions & Extensions: When you need more space, you have several options (short of moving). You can utilize unused space in your attic, basement, garage, or elsewhere. Or, you can extend a room or add a whole new room. We can give you an estimate on how much each option would cost and help you to plan out exactly how to make it happen. We can do both ground level and 2nd-story additions, including rooftop add-ons.
  • Decks & Patios: To get more use of your outdoor spaces and to have a place to entertain guests on special occasions, a deck or patio is a great addition. We can install patios made of stone pavers, bricks, or concrete. And we can install decking of the material and dimensions of your choosing. We know how to make your deck/patio endure for many years, even in harsh climate zones, and we can make it as attractive as it is useful and safe.
  • Outdoor Kitchens/Barbecues: For many, having a kitchen outside or a barbecue zone, at least, is well worthwhile. Outdoor cooking and dining will be greatly enhanced and made much more enjoyable. We can assist you with the design of your outdoor kitchen/barbecue and build it in its entirety.
  • Landscaping: Your lot can be “renovated” as surely as your home’s interior can be. Los Angeles Home Remodeling can transform your outdoor areas into an organized, beautiful, and comfortable environment. We can use hardscapes and greenery to create a natural and “eco-friendly” result that will make just stepping out your back door an enjoyable experience.

We Handle Your Project from Start to Finish

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we offer you full remodeling services that cover every aspect of the job and every room of the house. We, therefore, can handle virtually any home renovation or repair job from beginning to end. That eliminates any need for you to juggle multiple contractors to get your project completed, which would only slow things down and complicate matters.

Los Angeles Home Remodeling will take on jobs both small and large, both residential and commercial, and anywhere in the L.A. Area or in other parts of Southern California. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction from the moment we answer the phone call asking about our services.

We also consider top-tier, responsive and helpful customer service to be part of the overall service we provide each customer. And we give you a valuable, limited warranty on our work because we are confident you will never actually need to use it.

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For a more precise estimate, we may sometimes need to visit your home, take some measurements ourselves, get information on which brands/types of materials you want to use, and the like. We can explain to you the basics of all costs and give you options on how to possibly reduce them by adjusting the design or choosing different materials.

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