Residential Solar Batteries

If you’re thinking about renewable energy, now is the best time to invest in both solar and wind technologies that promise a green sustainable form of energy. In places like Los Angeles and other sunny regions, homeowners can benefit from the access to clear skies and direct contact with the sunlight. For many, a solar panel array will be enough to keep their home running through the daytime. However, solar batteries offer the homeowner the ability to store energy which can be used to power the home amenities during low sunlight hours. In some instances, the homeowner receives a surplus of energy that can be stored for periods at a time.

The bad news is that solar batteries cannot completely break off your ties with the utility companies. Solar panels and solar batteries are highly affected by climate change and other factors. Going off the grid would require a massive investment in solar panels and solar batteries. To be truly off the grid one would have to supply their own energy during the nighttime, during winter when the sun is low, and during times where the sun is not visible. For many, solar panels and solar batteries will offer a cut on their electrical bill but will not completely allow the homeowners to become energy independent.

The good news is that solar panels and solar batteries are becoming more accessible to the masses. Solar technology is revolutionizing the way we think about energy consumption. Using the sunlight to power a home will greatly reduce electrical bills up to 95%. In some cases, the homeowner will find that their energy consumption is supplied by their solar panels and batteries in which case these homeowners will not have to pay an electrical bill.

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What are solar batteries?

The demand for solar panels has dramatically increased in the United States and other regions of the world. Solar panels have become a big source of energy producers giving way to new technologies like the solar battery. Solar panels have been reinforced with batteries that can store excess energy that can be accessed during times when the sun is low. Solar batteries are rechargeable and can save you lots of money if you are located in a sunny region. 

Solar Panels and Solar Batteries

Solar batteries go hand in hand with solar panels allowing homeowners to save a substantial amount of energy harvested through the sun. Solar battery storage works when the solar PV panels successfully transfer the sunlight into electricity. The electricity is transferred to the battery bank and stores the energy until it is used.

Solar panels are a thin sheet of silicon-containing solar cells that harvest the photons coming from the sun. The sunlight upon reaching the solar panel creates a reaction with the electrons in the solar cells producing energy when the electron passes through a circuit. The solar PV panels will take the direct sunlight and convert the solar energy into direct current (DC). The solar panels are the first to come into contact and convert the energy. Most times solar panels will be placed in the region of your home that receives the most sunlight during peak hours.

After the solar panel has converted the sunlight into direct current (DC), the energy is transferred to a critical load panel. The critical load panel is a separate breaker panel that is used to control the harvested energy. The direct current is then processed by the inverter which converts DC current into alternating current (AC). Alternative current is the type of current that is used to power your home amenities. The current will also be controlled by a charge controller that prevents the batteries from overcharging.

Once the energy passes through the inverter and control systems, the energy is stored in a rechargeable solar battery. During sunlight hours the homeowner is capable of storing the excess energy that is harvested through the solar panels. Much less energy is consumed during the daytime than in the night and energy which is why it makes sense to store the surplus of energy.  Without a battery system, the excess energy is transferred back to the local power grid. The homeowner will also have the option to turn off the panels through the main power switch in case the panels are being maintained or for safety reasons.

Electrical Power Grid and Solar Energy

Electrical power grids generate their energy through the burning of fossil fuels which is why we seek different energy sources from the sun, wind, and water. However, electrical power grids have supplied the masses with electricity during the night time and during winter. Keeping a relationship with your utility company will allow you to stay warm in days when the sun is low, like during winter or during the night time. Staying connected to your power grid will ensure that you receive energy regardless of the weather or time of the season.

As mentioned before, the excess energy produced by solar panels will be transferred to the electrical power grid. Usually, utility companies will give credit to those sending energy to their grid. The homeowner can use those credits to consume energy from the power grid in needing times. However, without a solar battery, the homeowner will be unable to store the excess energy and use it themselves. Solar batteries are an essential upgrade to your solar energy system producing an effective way of storing the surplus of energy produced during sunny days.

Installing Solar Batteries

Installing solar batteries is an easy and advisable step for any homeowner looking to upgrade their solar energy system. Solar batteries offer the homeowner the option to store energy and use it to power their home, vehicle, and other amenities that require the use of AC current. The installing process is easy when you have the right team capable of safely installing the solar battery. The Los Angeles Home Remodeling solar energy specialists will ensure that the solar battery installation is up to standard and code. If you are considering a solar energy program call us today to receive a quote.

Step 1:  Contact a local solar energy installer in your region who is capable of providing an estimate and solar panel program for your home. If you have an existing solar panel program, our specialists can assist you with a solar battery upgrade. If you do not have a solar panel program already installed, our specialists can help you find a program that fits your energy needs. Solar energy programs can range depending on your homes energy consumption. Our solar panel installers will be capable of producing a detailed program of the number of solar panels, the additional components, the location of the solar panels on your roof, and other information pertaining to solar panels and the codes that guide your region.

Step 2: Once the homeowner reviews the estimates and agrees to the program, our specialist will take a special look at your attic and roof. Our specialists provide a thorough inspection to ensure that the roof is capable of holding the weight of the solar panels. In addition, we make sure the electrical wiring of your home is compatible with our program. If the roof or electrical wiring needs attention, our specialists will not be able to continue until the conditions are fixed.

Step 3: Now that the roof and electrical wiring of the home have passed inspection, the solar energy program is ready to be submitted to a permitting department along with the utility department. The document should contain all the information pertaining to the solar panels and regional state codes. The departments mentioned above must agree upon the program before any further action. Our specialist will ensure that your solar energy program contains all the information required by the permitting agencies. Our solar panel specialists will let you know when the parties have accepted the solar panel program.

Step 4: Our specialists will contact you upon having the program accepted and will establish an installation date that works for you. Our specialists will provide the solar panels, solar batteries, and other components that are essential for the solar panel system. The process should take no more than a day, however, each project has different demands that may prolong the installation process. Once the project is complete, our professionals will contact a local inspector to have the solar panels inspected. Our professionals will install your panels with a high level of professionalism and clean the project area before they go.

Step 5: If the homeowner is requesting the installation of a solar battery, our specialists will have to determine where the battery will be placed. The solar battery should be housed in a special location that can be reached by electrical professionals. Our specialists will ensure that the wiring from the solar battery and inverter are properly installed so that the installation and solar panel program passes inspection.

Step 6: Inspection is the final step in the process of installing your solar panels and solar batteries. The inspection process ensures that all the wiring and solar panel components are up to state or city standard. The inspection process is required before you can start using your solar panels. Depending on your location it may take a couple of days to a week before an inspector is able to make his way to your home. Once the inspector is at your home and once the project has passed inspection, you will have the freedom to switch the panels on.

Our installation process is guaranteed to pass inspection. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and ability to produce cost-effective solar energy programs.

The Benefits of Solar Batteries

More energy independence is promised when you install a solar panel system for your home. When an individual harvest a sustainable and renewable source of energy, they are capable of becoming independent for periods at a time from the utility company. Solar battery banks can store energy for days at a time, liberating you from the electric utility costs. While you may not become fully independent from the electrical grid your solar panels and solar batteries will make it feel as though you are fully independent.

When you can supply your home with renewable energy you will find a dramatic cut in your utility bill. Electrical utility companies experience a peak in energy consumption in the afternoon after the sun has gone down. For this reason, utility prices tend to be higher after 4 pm. If you have a solar energy program, you will be able to use your stored energy during these times. Avoiding the usage of the utility grid during peak hours will ensure that you effectively lower your utility bill.

Many homeowners will explain that the biggest benefit of solar energy panels is that it pays for itself. In the long run, you will be able to save money and reduce carbon emissions. If you are considering the benefits of solar energy, please contact one of our local Los Angeles Home Remodeling specialists. Our specialists will be able to guide you through the installation process and benefits of owning your own solar energy program.

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