Outdoor Decks and Deck Remodeling

Adding an outdoor deck is one of the most common exterior home remodeling projects, and it is also one of the most practical and satisfying of all improvements you can make to your outdoor spaces.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can help you through every step and stage of your home decking project, whether you are installing a new deck, expanding an existing one, or making needful repairs.

Our team of experienced construction/remodeling workers have built numerous beautiful decks throughout the L.A. Area, and our past clients have had much positive to say about us on Yelp and other online review sites. And the fact that we get a large portion of our new decking jobs by referral also stems from the quality and craftsmanship we put into every detail of our work.

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Why Invest in Outdoor Decking for Your Home?

There are many good reasons why so many people in Los Angeles and throughout the U.S. opt to add an outdoor deck or upgrade an existing one. Here are a few of the most common and most important reasons to add a deck to your home:

  • Decking is one of the main ways you can expand your outdoor "usable space." Most decks will have quick access to your home's interior but will provide a comfortable retreat and make enjoying your own lot far more practical. Plus, outdoor decking will facilitate your backyard barbecues, pool parties, and family get togethers.
  • The second reasons to add new decking outside is that it is a great investment in your own home. In fact, a new deck can easily give you an 80% return on investment (by increasing the resale value of your home should you someday choose to relocate.)
  • In L.A. and Southern California, the mild year-long climate adds another reason for adding a deck: you can make use of it in all four seasons, with weather seldom interfering. And the climate's mildness also makes it a lot easier to care for/maintain your deck.

What Is Our Deck-building Process at Los Angeles Home Remodeling?

The first step in any outdoor decking project we take on at L.A. Home Remodeling is to listen carefully to your initial plans and try to catch your vision of what you want your deck to look like and what you want out of it functionally.

Next, we give you our insight and aid you in making specific, detailed design plans. We will also give you an estimate and the help you find ways to reduce costs, if necessary, to keep your deck project in-budget. 

Once you have selected the material and it is on the job site, we will quickly begin assembling your deck. We may already, in fact, have begun some of the prep work.

We will frame your deck, keeping it square and plum. We will also dig the post holes, lay the footing, and ensure your deck is built on a solid foundation. Next, we frame the deck, put in the joists and brackets, and cut/fasten down the floor boards.

We can use any number of different fastener types, including aluminum screws, nails, lag-bolts, and others.

Finally, we will add any stairways, step downs, railings, sub-deck ceilings, gates, or other features you desire. We can also stain the decking for you if you desire.

We will leave the job site (hour home) clean, picking up all scrap wood and nails. We always keep the job site clean and safe at both job's end and day's end.

Types of Outdoor Decks to Consider

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can build you any type of deck you desire. Whatever specific design you require, we can help you in planning it and then implement those plans.

Here are some of the basic categories of deck designs that you might want to consider for your new/extended outdoor decking:

  1. Attached Decks: This class of deck serves the same function as a patio, but is simply made of wood instead of stone. It is raised above-ground, but not far, and will give you quick access to one or more doors into your house. Often, these decks are built in an L or U shape, but they can also be a simple square/rectangle or anything else. Overhangs are also common with attached decks, lending them shade and rain shelter. 
  2. Detached Decks: Sometimes, a deck will be built not adjacent to the house, though still close by and accessible by a short path or wood/stone steps. If necessary, detached decks can be built up a little higher than attached decks, so as to be unaffected by uneven or rocky terrain below. One popular type of detached deck (the "peninsula deck") acts as a connector between other outdoor decks and patios and your house.
  3. Wraparound Decks: Some decks will wrap around the entirety of your home's exterior, giving you a lot of outdoor living space and the ability to "follow the sun" or "follow the shade" when you spend time outside.
  4. Multi-level Decks: This is really an arrangement of two or more decks at different levels off the ground. Typically they will be connected by stairs, short step-downs, walking paths, or a combination of these methods. 
  5. Side-yard Decks: Many times, the sides of your lot are little used and may even be a bit run down or undeveloped. Adding a deck, and perhaps accompanying privacy fence, at one or both sides of your property is a great way to use that unused space.
  6. Pool Decks: Your pool surrounds can be greatly enhanced by adding decking made of treated wood or composite material. This will give you a place to sit at the pool's edge without easily slipping or getting "scorched" as with stone/concrete. And decking near the pool offers an ideal place to relax, sit, and eat during pool parties.
  7. Entryway Decks: This is much the same as building a front porch, but it won't be covered or fully covered, at least. A deck at the front of the house is often equipped with flower boxes and spindle rails and may be as much for decorative purposes as for sitting at.
  8. Dining Decks: A "dining deck," typically in the backyard, creates the perfect retreat for outdoor eating and entertainment. And oftentimes, it will also serve as the location for an outdoor kitchen and/or barbecue, or even for an outdoor bar.

What Are the Best Decking Materials to Use on My New or Renovated Deck?

We at Los Angeles Home Remodeling can build or extend your deck using any decking material you desire. We can also explain to you the benefits of the various decking material options and the accompanying costs. You need to take into account numerous factors in choosing the material, including the climate. In Southern California, however, the climate is mild enough that just about any quality decking material will stand up to the weather.

But even in Los Angeles, you do need to choose decking that is resistant to rot and being eaten by insects (termites especially), and you also need to consider the maintenance demands of each material. Some materials are cheaper upfront but higher maintenance later on, while others are the exact opposite.

Here is a list of some of the most popular decking materials and some of the basic facts you need to know about each of them:

  1. Pressure treated lumber: Fir wood that has been pre-treated to protect it against moisture and insect damage is called "pressure treated decking" and is a fairly low-cost option. This kind of decking used to have arsenic in it, but that practice has been discontinued. It is 100% safe, and it is attractive and durable. However, you do need to re-seal or re-stain it once every two years to keep it in top condition.
  2. Cedar decking: Cedar wood is naturally beautiful and resistant to rot and termites. It is also relatively inexpensive, as decking goes, but you will need to invest in the "heartwood" variety to ensure your deck lasts for up to 20 years instead of just a few years if you use "construction common" cedar. You have to refinish cedar each year, but it is affordable and a great natural material.
  3. Redwood: Redwood has many qualities that recommend it as a decking material. It is light, strong, and very attractive. Again, be sure to choose "heartwood" for a long-lasting deck, and redwood does require a good deal of maintenance. Redwood is quite expensive these days and can only be had in California and the other Pacific Coast states.
  4. Ipe wood: Ipe is a hardwood hailing from South America. It resists rot, is very hard and very durable, and looks beautiful. Ipe can cost more on labor because it is very hard, making it more difficult to cut and work with. It will also require annual resealing. But it can last for 25 years or more when rightly maintained. Ipe may cost more than some other woods due to its being imported, but the prices can change quite a bit as well.
  5. Vinyl (PVC): This decking material is somewhat newer than the other options, but it is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Choose a premium PVC decking variety, and you can get a wide color selection and a 25 year warranty. The biggest attraction to PVC decks is that they require virtually no maintenance.
  6. Composite decking: Composite is a combination of wood fibers with recycled plastics. It is very low maintenance, but it must be washed every few years to ensure the wood chips don't catch any mold. You will find many attractive composite options that mimic the look of real wood, and this material comes in many color varieties. You can also have composite planks heated and bent to create impressive designs.

We can give you all the information you'll need on how best to maintain your new decking material, once it's installed. We can recommend to you some of the best cleaners and sealants, both as to effectiveness and as to environmental friendliness.

And we at Los Angeles Home Remodeling can also explain to you the process, step by step, on how to clean and maintain your deck so it will last for many years to come.

Other Services We Do That Are Closely Related to Outdoor Decks

Beside installing, expanding, or repairing your outdoor deck itself, we can also install all outdoor stairways, gates, and other deck-related structures.

And we can install overhangs over your attached deck for shade and shelter, put up fences to make your deck more private, install retaining walls and handle all drainage issues that could affect your deck, and put up pergolas, gazebos, trellises, and full landscaping in and around your decking.

If you want to install an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area on your new deck, we can help you plan and implement that project as well. [See our separate page on outdoor kitchens and barbecues for more detailed information]

If you want to want to use the underside of a raised deck or staircase for storage, we can put up lattice work or otherwise turn it into a suitable storage area for you.

And we can also construct a sun room or a screen room on part of your decking to give you a place to retreat from the weather while still being at least "semi-outside."

And finally, we can explain to you the different advantages of a deck versus a patio if you are unsure which one you want. [See our separate page on patio projects for more information]

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