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Perhaps, your home already has a stone or brick patio, or an outdoor deck, and you use and enjoy it regularly; but in order to get fuller use out of your patio/deck, you are considering putting up a patio cover or creating a screen room, sun room, or other enclosure.

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can not only install a new patio or deck, or extend existing ones, but we can also transform all or part of your outdoor patio/deck into a haven from the wind, rain, and hot Southern California sun. We can create an outdoor space with full or partial shade and rain protection, and we can customize it according to your exact specifications.

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Why Invest in a Patio Cover or Outdoor Enclosure?

A natural stone or brick patio is a major improvement to your home's outdoor space to begin with, but even in Southern California, there are days when inclement weather would prevent you from using it. And adding full or partial shade makes your patio or decking more pleasant to use even on "fair weather days."

There are many important benefits to adding a patio cover/enclosure to your home, including these:

  • You increase the amount of your outdoor living space that can be used in almost all L.A. weather situations. Thus, you get more use out of your patio or outdoor deck space and don't have to cancel planned events due to foul weather.
  • You add value to your home and can expect a high return on investment if/when you go to resell. And a patio cover/enclosure may also speed up the sale of your for-sale home.
  • A patio cover or enclosure will protect your patio or wood deck from exposure to the elements, thus reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your patio/deck. That saves you money in the long run.
  • Your outdoor furniture will also be better protected from moisture, wind-blown dust, and UV rays. This can reduce "furniture fade" and make the furniture last longer.
  • A patio cover or enclosure adjacent to a wall of your house with exterior windows can reduce how much heat is getting into your home through those windows, and reduce your energy bill.
  • A cover/enclosure will also provide a good place to grow outdoor potted plants and a suitable location for nursing your garden plants in their earliest weeks before transplanting them.
  • An outdoor patio cover or partial/full enclosure typically costs much less than a room addition or remodeling unused indoor space in the attic or basement. And yet, it can add what almost amounts to a whole new "room" to your home.

Thus, the reasons for adding a patio cover/enclosure may vary and the possible benefits are wide-ranging. At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can ensure your new outdoor structure will be all you had envisioned it to be and serve well all the functions have planned for it.

The Process of Installing a New Patio Cover or Enclosure

At Los Angeles Home Remodeling, we can handle your patio cover/outdoor enclosure project from start to finish. That begins with listening to you and your plans and "catching your vision" for your new outdoor structure.

We then give you the benefit of our time-tested, experienced advice to help you hone or adjust your project's plans if you feel it's necessary to accomplish specific results or to bring down project costs.

At that point, we will take all the measurements on-site, give you all the information you need for material selection, crunch the numbers, and give you a more detailed estimate than the initial over the phone estimate. The design features and plans will be brought down to the minute level at this point, and we will schedule a time to get started on your project without delay.

We know how to install attached patio covers, step by step, from beginning to end. We will prep the part of the house roof line it will attach to, frame out the joists, properly and firmly place the support posts (if any are necessary), finish the upper and under sides of the patio cover, and add in features like ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, inter-post railings, and more.

We will normally complete the project somewhere in the range of one day to one week, though this varies of course with the size and complexity of the project. Rest assured we have a strong work ethic and will work diligently on your project to completion. We will put solid workmanship into every aspect and every detail of the project and will back that up with a valuable warranty.

Types of Patio Covers to Choose From

Your new patio cover can be attached to your house, shading a house-adjacent patio area. Or, it can be free-standing, covering a detached patio. It doesn't really matter whether your patio is made of stone pavers, naturally shaped stones, brick, concrete, stamped concrete, or something else, we can erect a covering over it that will be sturdy and durable.

The size and dimensions of your patio cover can be virtually anything you desire, given enough support posts and a solid enough footing is provided for it. You may want only a small square, a large rectangle, an L or U shape, or another design. We at Los Angeles Home Remodeling have the experience and creativity it takes to make any patio cover idea become reality.

We can also help you in selecting the highest quality of materials and use the best methods of structural engineering that will keep your patio cover strong and fully functional for many years to come.

The three most common types of patio covers that we at L.A. Home Remodeling typically install are as follows:

  1. Solid Wood: A solid wood patio cover will provide full shade and full rain protection. It will generally have its rafters secured to a fascia board or directly over the outer surface of an exterior wall. Plywood will then cover the rafters, and shingle roofing may be installed on top. The underside can be covered with aluminum soffit panels, decorative wood, or another material as desired. The cover will often be equipped with gutters and downspouts and in-ceiling light fixtures, and will be supported by two or more firmly grounded posts.
  2. Pergolas: For partial shade and shelter and a very modern, stylish look, consider using a pergola as your patio cover. The rafters of a pergola will be angled and uncovered (no plywood or roofing on top or ceiling underneath). Some pergolas are arched as well, but others are straight-run. You can attach the pergola to your fascia board like a solid wood patio cover, but many times, a pergola will be freestanding even if built near to your house.
  3. Glass Covers: A glass patio cover will involve glass panels that are fitted into slots in a wood or aluminum patio cover frame. The inter-rafter gaps will be larger than with other patio covers so that the maximum amount of light can stream in through the glass paneling. The glass will usually have a film to screen out harmful UV light and to cut down on glare. The glass panels may also be tinted to add yet further style.

Types of Outdoor Enclosures We Can Build for You

Sometimes, it may be desirable to not merely cover your patio or decked area but to go further and fully enclose it, creating a transitional "room" between your indoor and outdoor living space. This kind of enclosure will typically be attached to your house and have an access door leading to the inside plus an exit door leading to the outside.

Another type of outdoor enclosure is the "screen room." The walls of such a room will be screened windows that let in the sun and fresh air but keep out the insects. And a screen door will also be added.

A pool enclosure is a very beneficial type of outdoor enclosure. It can sit above and around your outdoor, in-ground pool, allowing plenty of space for walking, sitting, and recreating along the pool's edge. It will allow you to get greater use out of your L.A. Area pool year-round, increase "swimming privacy" levels, and reduce pool maintenance by keeping out leaves and other materials that the wind might blow into your pool.

A sun room is an outdoor enclosure that is essentially a "glass room." It is the equivalent of a glass patio cover but with the idea extended to the walls for full protection. The frame may be wood, aluminum, brick, or stone. The glass will specially be designed to resist impacts, filter out UV rays, and trap in the heat. The heating in a sun room is "free" and will save you on your power bill as compared to having to heat another room.

Carports are also outdoor enclosures of sorts, and we at Los Angeles Home Remodeling can build you a car port as well if desired. Your car port can be of any material and of any size and dimensions that fits your needs.

Retractable Awnings for Decks and Patios

Finally, note that L.A. Home Remodeling can install a retractable awning over all or part of your patio or deck. This kind of awning can give you shade and shelter on days with less than perfect weather but allow you enjoy full sun on days with ideal weather.

We can help you select a great brand/model of retractable awning and install it for you. Choose between manual and automatic retraction methods, and among numerous materials, colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.

Why Choose Los Angeles Home Remodeling to Install Your Patio Cover or Enclosure?

We at Los Angeles Home Remodeling realize that there are many options to the home owner in regard to patio covers/enclosures and all other aspects of home remodeling. We do not take our clients for granted, but work to be their truly best choice, always making 100% customer satisfaction our goal.

To verify we routinely meet that customer-satisfaction goal, check out our online reviews on Yelp and elsewhere, and talk to our past clients or view examples of our work. We are confident we can satisfy our new customers as well as we have our past ones.

L.A. Home Remodeling can handle all aspects of your patio cover or outdoor enclosure project. You do not need to juggle multiple contractors, complicating matters, slowing things down, and adding extra expense.

We give you top tier workmanship at an affordable rate and done in as little time as possible without compromising quality to the least degree. We give you a valuable warranty to back that claim up.

Los Angeles Home Remodeling is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we always put safety first in every project we undertake. We will work so as to minimize any disruption to your daily routine and will always clean up the job site at day's end and at project's end.

And we also will communicate with you throughout the patio cover or outdoor enclosure installation process. If you have any questions or concerns about the project or need to make any changes of plans, we will be responsive and give you the best of customer service.

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