Residential Solar Panels

Solar energy is revolutionizing the way we think about energy consumption, providing a cost-effective and clean energy source. Amongst the many reasons for turning to solar energy, homeowners are finding that solar energy will allow the homeowner to gain a form of independence breaking away from high electric bills. The renewable, clean, energy source is harvested through solar panels that are cost-effective for individuals paying over a hundred dollars in electricity bills.

Solar panels do not necessarily break a homeowner away from the power grid in their area. Many times a homeowner will find that they still require the help of the power grid. For example, at times when the sun is beaming more than the solar panels can handle, the power grid will act as an absorber of all the extra energy produced by the solar panels. The power grid will keep your systems from overheating and causing an electrical malfunction that leads to a safety hazard. In addition, homeowners will find that energy fed to the power grid will sometimes be credited by the local power utility company. Individuals have found that their local utility companies provide them with credits for future energy consumption after providing the power grid with electrical energy. Homeowners that invest in solar panels will also find that solar panels only work when the sun around. If you are living in an area not frequently visited by the sun or if you find yourself in winter, you may require the electricity produced by the power grid. For many, solar panels will substantially reduce their electrical bill, but will not free them from the power grid. If an individual is looking to break away from the power grid, their best option up to date is to invest in solar batteries that provide the homeowner the ability to store energy for times when the sun is not around.

Solar panels are the first step for anyone that wants to become less independent on the power provided by their local utility company. In order to install your very own array of solar panels for your home, you are encouraged to speak with one of our Los Angeles Home Remodeling experts about your energy consumption goals. To contact our home remodeling specialists please reach out to our offices at 424-369-4765. Our team of experts are ready to visit your home and determine if your home would benefit from a solar panel installation. Keep in mind that installing solar panels requires a strong roof that can hold the weight of the solar panels. In addition, solar panels will need to be placed under a region of your roof that receives the most sunlight.

Solar Panels

Solar panels consist of thin films that carry solar cells made from silicon materials. The solar panels absorb sunlight and convert the heat energy source into electricity. When the photons from the sun hit the solar panels the electrons are processed through a circuit that stores the energy produced. Each panel will store a certain amount of energy and can be paired with other panels to generate more energy. The more energy consumption in your house the more solar panels you will require to keep up with your home's activities. With a solar array (multiple solar panels) the homeowner will be capable of generating enough energy for their home and may be capable of storing energy in solar batteries.

Solar panels make sense for individuals who are located in places like southern California that receive plenty of sunlight throughout the year. During the daytime, Californians have the capacity to power their home amenities without the need of electricity from the power companies. However, during the night time, individuals may have to request some energy from their utility companies. If you are living in California, you may find that solar batteries are a big upgrade to your solar panel array. Speak with one of our home remodeling experts about the potentials of solar batteries.

Solar panels produce a cleaner energy source than the traditional burning of fossil fuels. When sunlight hits the solar panel on the roof, the panel will convert the energy into direct current (DC) which will then be transferred to an inverter box. The inverter box will convert the DC current into alternating current (AC) which is the type of current used to power a residential building. To determine how many solar panels a given home will require, the homeowner must consult their electricity bill. The number of watts will give you an idea of how many panels you will need for your home. However, to have a clear estimate you are encouraged to contact a specialist at the Los Angeles Home Remodeling team.

The average cost of solar panels continues to fall, appealing to more and more individuals who wish to take the first step in freeing themselves from the power grid. With the falling prices of solar panels, it makes sense to invest in a renewable energy source that will result in lower electrical payments. In many cases solar panels have been able to pay for themselves within six years.

Installing solar panels requires the attention of a specialized person who has the skill and knowledge to properly install a solar panel. Solar panel specialists should be trained on installing solar panels on rooftops and should have the knowledge of local permits and fire codes. Installing solar panels requires the right type of attention to avoid any safety hazards and future complications. The Los Angeles Home Remodeling team would be happy to walk you through the installation process.

The first step in the installation process is hiring the right team to carry out the task. The installer will usually visit the residential home and will take note of the angle of the roof, the age of the roof, and will likely ask the homeowner a series of questions pertaining to the homes energy consumption. Once our installer has this information he or she will be capable of producing a quote. In addition, the installer should provide financing options along with any government aid the homeowner may qualify for. Once you meet the installer and a finance option is established, the homeowner will be in the process of installing solar panels to their home.

The second step in the installation process, the installer will consider the conditions of your home. Including the roof and attic which will be tested to support the weight of the solar panels. Once your home is evaluated the installer will have a better idea of the number of solar panels, inverter, and other components that will be required for the installation process. The installer will also determine the location of the installation based on the movement of the sun around your home. The installer will want to lay down the solar panels in an area that frequently under the sun. In addition, the installer will need to verify if the home electrical panel needs an upgrade before continuing with the installation. Once the updates are made and the roof passes inspection, the installer will move on to the designing phase of the installation process.

The third step in the installation process, the installer will access the information and measurements of step two to create a design program. The program will include information regarding how the panels will be assembled, the number of panels that will be used for the home, and information on how the wires will be connected to the home. The program will need to include any codes that regulate solar energy and solar panels for the homeowner's region. Once the Los Angeles Home Remodeling installer has created a full program of the solar panel installation, our professional will submit the program to the Los Angeles permitting department and electrical utility department. The designs must be approved by the city of Los Angeles or the homeowner's city and until then the installation process stops.

The fourth step in the installation process, the installer will return to the home with the solar panel installation program along with the solar panels and additional materials needed for installation. The Los Angeles Home Remodeling team of installers will be capable of installing a solar array in a time-efficient manner. Depending on the size of the project our specialists are capable of finishing projects in one day. Once the panels have been installed our professionals will clean up the sight and prepare it for the final inspection.

The final step: in the installation process, the installer will contact a city or county inspector to come and inspect the product. The inspector will make sure that the solar panels follow the program that was approved before the installation process. In addition, the inspector will make sure that all the wiring is correct ensuring that the solar panels have been safely installed. The final inspection in the process may take a couple of days if there is anything that needs to be fixed, however, individuals have found that inspection can take as little as a day. Our team of experts understands what the inspector is looking for in the final step which is why our team ensures that all the working pieces are properly put together before the final inspection. Once the city and utility inspector sign off on the solar panel, the homeowner will have the satisfaction of turning on their solar panels for the first time.

Once your home has been installed with solar panels, you can begin enjoying a clean renewable source of energy that is abundant in the state of California. Taking the first step in installing solar panels for your home will allow you a great sense of independence. Individuals who have taken this first step in upgrading their home, have found that solar panels supply the energy their home needs. Having the right amount of solar panels installed will ensure that the homeowner receives a significantly reduced electrical bill. In most cases, homeowners have been able to cut their electrical bills by up to 95%. The homeowner will have a different experience with utility companies. As mentioned earlier, utility companies will sometimes provide credit for individuals who supply their power grid with solar energy.

The benefit of installing a solar panel array for your home is that it is upgradable with solar batteries if you wish to take additional steps in breaking away from the utility companies. Individuals who find themselves in sunny California are encouraged to ask about the possibility of owning their own solar panels and solar batteries. In some cases, individuals have been able to apply for grants that help with the solar panel payments. To see if you qualify for state-funded aid program, please speak with our qualified home remodeling experts who can shine more light on the state-funded grants.

Individuals that do not qualify for the state-funded grants can rest assured. The falling price of solar panels and other renewable energies has allowed many U.S citizens to enjoy the benefits of a clean renewable source of energy. Individuals looking to go green and help save the planet or those who are looking to levy their reliance on solar companies are encouraged to speak with a Los Angeles Home Remodeling expert about their energy goals. Our team is capable of providing a comprehensive program that fits your budget and your electrical needs. To contact an expert at Los Angeles Home Remodeling, please call our offices at 424-369-4765. We provide services to the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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